Building The Symbiocene:   Advocating regenerative change in the built environment.            

Building the Symbiocene is an experimental cross-disciplinary initiative investigating regenerative practices within the built environment. We believe buildings can illustrate the interconnectedness of things and inspire care and repair. We learn from ecological systems, historical architecture, local materials, culture, geology, deep-time and ancient wisdom. We believe in knowledge sharing, inclusivity and the capacity for communities to affect positive change.

The Symbiocene is where we need to get to fast, a place where humans and the natural world are in balanced cycles of reciprocity, care and co-creation. We can get there together if we start weaving our threads into one.  We are based in DK, and many of our partners and collaborators are close-by but we invite input from potential collaborators or contributors from further afield. We are a learning, making, doing, talking and open organisation.