Høst til Hus (Harvest to House)

Type: Workshop
By: Djernes & Bell, 
Location: Jels, Denmark
Year: 2022
Date: 11.11.22-13-11-22
Høst til Hus (Harvest to House) seminar seeks to investigate the interface between agriculture and the built environment. With  regenerative ambitions we need to consider how the craftspeople of the earth & the built environment can to collaborate on questions of land-use, material culture, carbon capture, ecological interconnectedness, deep-time and beauty.

This cross-disciplinary workshop emerged as part of Building The Symbiocene, a larger cross-disciplinary initiative advocating regenerative change. Høst til Hus - Harvest to House is hosted by Djernes & Bell, Local Works Studio, Høst School & Dinsen/ KADK Summer School

Høst til Hus is founded by Statens Kunst Fond under the Building The Symbiocene Initiative.

This seminar is the beginning of a larger inquisitive, experimental, built and grown investigation into the interface between agriculture, architecture and the potential for regenerative and ecological progress.

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